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About Us

Shanghai Lionstek Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, specializing in R&D and manufacturing of smart waterjet cutting systems. The company has a registered capital of 100 million RMB.

Lionstek has a corporate mission of making manufacturing simpler. The company is focused on the development and production of smart CNC equipment for high energy beam cutting. Product lines include five-axis smart waterjet machining centers of standard and custom models. We also provide specialty smart CNC control software aiming to reduce operating costs through the use of intelligent control systems. With a commitment of unlimited free software upgrades, we continuously share with the end users the fruit of our everlasting research and development efforts.

Fields of Application

Lionstek smart waterjets are widely used in the aerospace industry, the defense industry, the transportation industry,
equipment manufacturing, job shops, food machinery and many other fields.

  • Faster

  • Smarter

  • More Capable

  • More Economical

Our Products


  • LTJ2040-5A

  • LTJ1613-5A

  • LTJ1613-5B

  • USJ2040-5C
  • LTJ1616-5D

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We can customize ultra-high pressure water cutting solutions according to
customer needs.

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